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Heroes of the home front

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In the aftermath of the summer's fast-hitting disasters, or through the enduring grip of drought, we have seen the best of our human qualities on display. In every village, town and city, every day.

Some people owe their lives to a stranger, whether that stranger was wearing a uniform or the summer dress of a holidaymaker. Selfless action in moments of utter terror.

For all of these kinds of stories that have already been told, there are countless more that deserve to be heard. And so at Australian Community Media, we want to give voice to them and give thanks to the heroes of the home front.

Stories of efforts that have helped your community in its darkest times. Of the smallest acts of kindness and generosity that have reminded you how good people really are.

Please join us in sharing your stories of gratitude. It doesn't matter how, it doesn't matter where.

We will publish as many responses as we can online and in special print editions in coming weeks.

To contribute, use the form below. Please keep your contribution, which could be edited for space, under 300 words.



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