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Dubbo is considered the capital of the Orana Region. It hosts not only the commercial heart of the region, but also plays a major role in the grain, sheep and beef industries.

Geographically, Dubbo is positioned as a major distribution centre for the eastern states of Australia and is located halfway between Brisbane and Melbourne, and Sydney and Adelaide.

Dubbo has evolved as the hub of transport and services in inland Eastern Australia, with a catchment population of 120,000 encompassing one third of NSW.

The rural economy plays a large part in the economic well-being of Dubbo, although the city is no longer solely reliant upon the wheat harvest as a source of income.

Dubbo is home to world-class businesses and attractions such as Fletcher International Exports (Abattoir) and the Western Plains Zoo.

The Dubbo Regional Livestock Markets are recognised as one of the leading stock-selling centres in Australia.