Orana Mid-Western Police officers were awarded for their service

Police officers from the Orana Mid-Western District were recognised for putting themselves at risk on a daily basis and making a difference to the communities they serve.

Assistant Commissioner Geoff McKechnie acknowledged the professionalism and dedication of local police officers at the awards ceremony on Thursday.

“This year, there are thousands of people in this city and in this police district who have not become victims of crime because of the work of our local police.”  

Two constables received the Western Region Commanders Certificate of Commendation in recognition for their dedication.

Constable Melinda Brown was commended for displaying tenacity and restraint during the arrest in February, placing the safety of the community above her own.

She said it was rewarding to have been recognised for her work. 

“It’s stuck in my head, it was exciting, it was good to protect people, we don’t get to go to too many jobs and get to be hands-on and catch them doing what they’re doing and saving people there and then. Usually you only get there later.”  

Probationary Constable Ben Hiep said it made him feel proud to work for the NSW Police Force 

He was commended for displaying professionalism and restraint during the arrest, placing the safety of the community above his own. 

Superintendent Peter McKenna said, “as cops we don’t like to brag … You should be proud of everything you do, everyday.”

“The initiative I see everyday, the police who are running into danger so other people aren’t exposed to that danger, putting themselves at risk on a daily basis, they are really making a difference in communities.

“It’s not just about the police, it’s about their family … your support allows them to do their job daily, they couldn’t do it without you.”