Jury sees guns, drugs and ammo allegedly found in house search

A District Court jury has been shown the firearm allegedly used in a drive-by shooting of two properties in Dubbo almost five years ago.

The shortened SKS rifle was one of two firearms tendered as evidence on the fourth full day of the trial of 38-year-old Darrell James Wright.

Among other items allegedly found at the Mogriguy residence of one of Mr Wright’s friends was a stockpile of ammunition and a quantity of cannabis.

Mr Wright is before Acting Judge McLauchlan, charged with recklessly discharging a firearm in relation to two shootings at the Rebels clubhouse on Bunglegumbie Road, and one at a home on Wheelers Lane.

The shootings both occurred in the early hours of November 13, 2004.

The court was yesterday shown footage of the execution of a search warrant at a Mogriguy property on January 21, 2005.

During the search ammunition belts, as well as cartridges for .22 calibre rifles, .337 calibre rifles and an SKS rifle, were found.

Three rifles were also taken by police.

The Crown has alleged that Mr Wright was drinking and playing pool at the clubhouse before a friend was allegedly assaulted by a Rebel.

Earlier in the trial the prosecutor alleged that the accused and the friend then went and had a discussion about “getting back” at the Rebels.

Mr Wright took the gun and went on his own back to the clubhouse and shot at it, but when he heard there were no reports of it, he went and

shot at the house on

Wheelers Lane, the Crown alleged.

It was further alleged he then drove back past the clubhouse and fired more shots at it.

Earlier in proceedings yesterday, a detective who attended the scene of the Wheelers Lane shooting revised an estimate made about the number of shots fired at the house.

Detective Sergeant Malcolm Andrews told the court on Monday that he believed “no less than 15 shots” were fired at the house, which was occupied by the Rebels president at the time Brett Dunstan.

Yesterday, after reviewing his notes, he told the court that he believed the precise number of shots was 20.

Det Sgt Andrews, under cross-examination from defence barrister Eric Wilson, said he believed the vehicle involved in the shooting was moving when the shots were fired at the house.

The trial continues today.