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The joys of home shopping in 2020

The joys of home shopping in 2020

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Living in our Covid bubbles these last eight months there haven't been too many things to get excited about.

But nobody can deny the thrill when the postman, like some year-round modern day Santa Claus, comes bearing our online shopping purchases spreading joy to individuals, streets, suburbs and towns.

The pandemic and social distancing has hastened a change towards a more digital world and changed the shopping behaviours of millions.

With the prospect of visiting a physical store out of the question for many people, shoppers have had to do and buy, more online than they would ever have imagined.

Many companies have also had to quickly pivot to move their operations online. Some reports even suggest the virus has, on average around the world, accelerated organisation's digital offering by seven years.

This online shopping surge has led to a huge increase in parcel delivery. According to Deloitte Access Economics, 26 million more parcels were sent via Australia Post between March and May this year compared to the same figures in 2019.

As well as this the Australian Bureau of Statistics reports $2.9 billion more was spent online during these months than the same time last year.

Year-on-year Australian ecommerce grew more than 80 per cent in the eight weeks after the COVID-19 pandemic was declared by the World Health Organisation according to Which-50 who quote a new report from AustraliaPost, Inside Australian Online Shopping 2020 eCommerce Industry Report.

With Christmas just months away this online shopping spike is set to continue and is expected to be maintained and grow throughout 2021.

It has become apparent that we will be living differently for sometime to come or possibly these changes may even be permanent.

People, while they have been anxious about the pandemic and its consequences, are resilient and resigned to finding new ways to live digitally and largely contact free.

Helping those who have been impacted socially and financially by Covid-19, mobile provider Pennytel know it is more important than ever to ensure people have access to low cost telecommunication services to keep in touch with loved ones and deal with important life affairs such as employment, seeking financial relief or telehealth care services.

Many people, including older Australians, have quickly become more comfortable with the idea of shopping online. They now realise they can shop around online, comparing providers and how they stack up against each other.

Pennytel, having always had a strong presence online, welcome these comparisons and are confident their superior customer service will lead to a favourable impression.

Despite our great digital ease since the pandemic began, consumer behaviour during this time has shown us that people still want to pick up the phone and speak to someone for information and reassurance.

Pennytel customers know that should they need help there is always someone at the end of the phone.

With the company having worked remotely for months now their customer service statistics are still impressive with 86 per cent of customers saying they would recommend Pennytel to a friend.

So, for a modern telco that can still deliver good old fashioned customer service over the phone, look no further than Pennytel.

For more information call Pennytel on 1300 262 146 or go to Pennytel.com.au

This is advertiser content for Pennytel.