Junior Rugby League: Tigers' sportsmanship shines as seven teams make the Grand Final

ROARING: Allistar Quarmby said their 'selfless' nature is what makes this achievement so worthy. Photo: Nyngan Junior Tigers Facebook Page
ROARING: Allistar Quarmby said their 'selfless' nature is what makes this achievement so worthy. Photo: Nyngan Junior Tigers Facebook Page

There’s no shortage of winning hopes for the Nyngan Tigers with all seven of their junior teams set to play for premiership glory in the Group XI Dubbo and District Grand Finals next Saturday. 

Nyngan Tigers Junior Rugby League committee member Alistair Quarmby said while having all seven sides competing in the grand final was unexpected, he believes it is a testament to everyone involved in the club. 

Quarmby said it’s the sportsmanship displayed by the kids, who are continually backing up their games to help make the numbers in above grades, which makes this achievement so worthy. 

“It’s a big club effort, a lot of the kids just are not just worried about their team, they’re worried about helping out the team above them too,” Quarmby said. 

“It’s more a club than just the kids … they’re pretty selfless really,” he praised. 

Quarmby said the committee has worked hard to produce an enjoyable club environment, and build the foundations of teamwork.

“The club have been trying to make it fun and enjoyable for the kids, and build what it means to be part of a team and playing with their mates,” he said.

“They’re all friends, being in a small town they’ve grown up together. 

“They’ve done it hard, last year all our under 14s were under 13s but played under 14s … a couple of the kids were 14 but wouldn’t have had a team.”

For Quarmby he said it has been the lack of injury which has helped the junior Tigers secure so many spots on grand final day and he believes it will be an interesting game for all sides. 

“Every team’s got a fairly good chance,” Quarmby said.

“The 12s won their respective games ... they went straight through, so they should be fairly good. 

“The 13s are only in a three team competition and they beat the team they’re playing a couple of times this year.

“It’s going to be a challenge for the 16s, they’re struggling for their numbers.

“They’re playing a really good Wellington side, they’ve got one country representative, one western division representative and they’ve got a lot of big boys playing for Wellington compared to the Nyngan side.

“But coach Jackson Hedges has done a really good job with them too,” he said. 

“I think [all coaches] have done well at the job in improving the kids, and helping the kids just understand what it means to be part of a team.”

“I know with the 14s the job David Kennedy’s done with getting the kids together. There’s a couple of kids in that team that haven’t played footy at all, and they’ve stuck through it all year and enjoyed it.”

Quarmby congratulated President Dean Black and secretary Brendan Smith for the work they’ve done, especially for their recruitment of kids from as far as Brewaranna and Warren to help with team numbers. 

“A big congratulations should go to Dean and Brendan for all the work they’ve done, and especially Sonia Black, they’ve done a lot of work for the club, and in getting these kids from elsewhere,” Quarmby said.

“I know its hard enough for us to go down from Nyngan but they’re bringing their kids here and taking them to Dubbo.”

“Without them we wouldn’t have all these sides in the grand final.”

The Grand Final will be held at Apex Oval in Dubbo, with League Tag kicking off against the South Dubbo Raiders at 9am.