Neighbourhood shopping areas call for greater security

Security cameras could be installed in neighbourhood shopping centres to boost safety and discourage crime.

Dubbo Regional councillor Vicki Etheridge has requested a review to be undertaken on the suitability of CCTV cameras in the neighbourhood shopping precincts, such as those on Boundary Road and Victoria Street.

It’s part of an ongoing project she has been undertaking for the beautification of the shopping areas which she said was looking ‘haggard’.


“This is something these shopping precincts have been looking for for quite some time now and when I was having meetings with these people about the shopping precincts beautification project CCTV was one of their main worries,” Cr Etheridge said.

“They felt that they were being left behind by Macquarie Street because they have all the CCTV down there and all the security.”

Cr Etheridge said it was only fair to provide the same level of security in the neighbourhood shopping areas as the CBD.

Mayor Ben Shields said it was an “equality issue between businesses”.

“Just because one business isn’t located in the CBD doesn’t mean they shouldn’t be covered by adequate security surveillance and cameras,” Cr Shields said.

We must get the key message out there that anybody who wants to behave in an antisocial way...they will be seen and they will be caught...

Vicki Etheridge

In October 2017 council looked at an expansion of the CCTV network across the local government area.

Cr Etheridge said she didn’t want to wait for areas to become ‘hotspots’ before the cameras were installed.

“I think prevention is always better than a cure and we must get the key message out there that anybody who wants to behave in an antisocial way, who wants to steal people’s property or damage people’s property, they will be seen and they will be caught and they will be done before the courts,” she said.

A report on the suitability of the neighbourhood shopping precincts will be prepared and then presented to council at the October meeting.