OUR SAY: Rain is a reason to dance and have a giggle

Today’s story about a farmer in the rain  gave us another reason to smile after the downfalls around the region over the weekend. And a reason to have a little giggle as well. 

Dubbo farmer Glen Bloink decided the only way to celebrate the rain over the weekend was a little rain dance, in the nude, wearing just his Akubra – similar to the way a child would enjoy a run around in the rain and mud. 

The vision of Glen’s happy dance in the downpour across the now muddy paddocks shows the joy the rain over the weekend brought to the farmers. Just that little bit of rain gave them something to hope for after so many months of drought and dust – a little light at the end of many dark months. 

Glen's ‘nudie run’, wearing only a hat, has been shared on social media massive 35,000 times and has had 1.7 million views.

It seems everyone is cheering on the farmer celebrating the rain – and we are sure there was more than just Glen dancing on Sunday when the rains fell. 

Glen’s joy was echoed by the groups of people running the stampede on Sunday morning – rain wasn’t going to stop them, in fact, all welcomed it with many comments from to those who managed to set personal best times thanks to the cooler weather. 

School children were also cheering after Sunday’s downpour, with rain dancing held at Dubbo schools just last week. 

The children at Dubbo Public School also enjoyed a world-wide audience on their rain dance video on Friday ahead of the welcomed downpour – three cheers for them! 

And now it’s time to look ahead and look for just a little bit more. 

The 20mm recorded on Sunday at Dubbo airport was a start after so many months with nothing, but without more to come, things will go back to the way they have been very quickly. 

The 20mm may have helped the crops along a little, but it didn’t fill any dams, and more is still needed. 

It’s rained, but the drought is not, by a long way, broken. More consistent rain is needed very soon to really help our farmers. 

We’re hoping the 80 per cent chance of rain this coming Friday holds true – our fingers are tightly crossed. 

So next time it rains a bit, and we hope that it’s very soon we hope more farmers are enjoying a dance in the rain and the mud on their properties. It’s always a welcomed sight.