Team Rubicon is helping drought-stricken farmers by doing physical work

TEAMWORK: 'Uncle' Bob Roberson is part of the Team Rubicon crew that is helping farmers in our region. Photo: Brett Burriss.
TEAMWORK: 'Uncle' Bob Roberson is part of the Team Rubicon crew that is helping farmers in our region. Photo: Brett Burriss.

Helping people in times of need is in ‘Uncle’ Bob Roberson’s DNA, he loves doing it and he is always looking for an opportunity to get his hands dirty.

Mr Roberson is part of Team Rubicon a veteran based volunteer organisation that is in Dubbo to help drought-stricken farmers by doing physical work.

The 69-year-old spent most of his working life in the air force and he does not believe in retirement.

“I don’t know what I’d do with myself if I stopped, I am not going to sit around and watch television,” he said.

“I have had many positive experiences with disaster relief; you see people when they are in their worst moments and you get in and help them, what Team Rubicon does is good for people.”

Team Rubicon Spokeswoman Deborah Fenton said they have a simple but serious goal to help people on their worst day.

“Military veterans have the unique skills and experiences necessary to respond safely, rapidly and effectively in harsh conditions with limited resources, with a passion for serving those in need,” she said.

“Team Rubicon Australia is a non-profit organisation that relies on the generosity of the public to support our mission.”

Mr Roberson said Team Rubicon takes the pressure off people by doing tasks that need doing but sometimes get overlooked in times of drought.

“I chopped four tonnes of firewood in one day the other day, I’ve helped build fences, clean houses, done some irrigation work and helped unload some product for breeding stock,” he said.

“Farmers appreciate the help we give, they are a pretty proud mob and some would rather suffer than ask for help, that’s why I think the work we do is so valuable.

“Money does help, it all counts, we are all volunteers, so the money we raise helps get our people to do these tasks that need doing.

“I’ve helped out in floods, cyclones and drought, I’ve been in disaster recovery for years, what we do is all about lifting people up and getting them back on their feet.

“I love it and the thanks we get in this situation is knowing the farmer gets help moving his cattle from paddock to paddock when he may not have been able to do that because of all the other things he has to do at the moment.”

To learn more or make a donation visit   For assistance from Team Rubicon call 0472 761 656.

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