OUR VIEW: Up and away but only if we use the service

Flights have once again started between Dubbo and Brisbane following the collapse of JetGo last month. 

Later in September we will also have flights from Dubbo to Melbourne after a number of months without the service. 

While Fly Corporate is super confident it is here to say, it’s once again a case of ‘use it or lose it’, a point made when the service was first announced in July. 

A lot of people were shocked, and left out of pocket, when JetGo announced it was entering receivership. The service had been used by many travelling for a variety of reasons including holidays and work, and people were put out by the fact they didn’t have the access they had had to Queensland and Victoria. 

So it’s great to see another company has come on board to fill the gap that has been left. 

One of the issues with living in a regional area is that it is so far away from the capital cities and while services are getting better out here than they once were, there are some things you still need to visit a capital city for. 

And who doesn’t enjoy a holiday now and again?

Having this service at our doorstep makes it easier for us and those in the city to connect with Dubbo and the wider Western NSW region. 

With this in mind it was great to already see 19 paying customers arriving in Dubbo and 14 heading out to Brisbane on the first flight out of town on Tuesday morning as well. 

It’s important to make sure we use the service and promote it as much as possible so Fly Corporate continues to fly in and out of our city. 

As many of our readers noticed as well, according to our Facebook comments, rather than greeting the plane at the airport when it landed, Dubbo Regional Council’s mayor, chief executive officer and the chairman of the council airport committee all flew in from Brisbane on the first trip. 

The council trio used the airport marketing budget to get to Brisbane on Monday night to then board the first flight home early on Tuesday morning so they could step off the plane on the Dubbo tarmac because it was “important to show Fly Corporate we are backing them and we’re behind them and getting them any publicity we can”.

As one of only two media outlets at the touchdown – we really question how much bang they got for their buck.