New Return and Earn bulk deposit site proposed for Dubbo

Mayor Ben Shields says the reverse vending machine at Victoria Park looks "foul and disgusting". Photo: ORLANDER RUMING
Mayor Ben Shields says the reverse vending machine at Victoria Park looks "foul and disgusting". Photo: ORLANDER RUMING

A new bulk Return and Earn Facility could soon be installed at Blueridge Estate.

Murdi Paaki has submitted a development application to Dubbo Regional Council for a bulk collection point.

Similar to the Reverse Vending Machines, the bulk container facility will allow the public to exchange their recycled items for a refund. The proposed collection centre will be located at the Murdi Paaki office site.

Approval for the facility is expected to be granted by council in August.

Council has also said Cleanaway TOMRA is still investigating a third location for another reverse vending machine.

The reverse vending machines are currently located at Victoria Park and the Delroy Park shops. More than 6.2 million containers have been deposited to date.

Residents have made complaints about long waits to use the machines and the mess left behind by those who leave the bottles and cans which aren’t accepted.

Mayor Ben Shields said the amount of litter scattered around the Victoria Park reverse vending machine had been “out of hand”.

“Mark my words, if the amount of litter continues to remain there, broken bottles, and it continues to look foul and disgusting I certainly believe we should go down the line to pushing the contractors to put it in a different area. We cannot have a facility like this looking so shabby and so disgraceful in the long term,” he said.

However, councillor Stephen Lawrence said people who were using the reverse vending machine also needed to take some personal responsibility and keep it clean.

The Dubbo Community Men’s Shed has raised concerns about the glass fragments left behind when the vending machine is emptied by the contractor. It’s serviced about five times a day.

Councillor Greg Mohr said there needed to be pressure on Cleanaway TOMRA to clean up their mess.

“The contractor is given a significant amount of money to fulfil that contract and I’m pretty sure within the guidelines of that contract would be to have the place left clean,” Cr Mohr said.

He said the Men’s Shed could be paid to keep the site in a better condition, but ratepayers shouldn’t have to pay extra for a service which should already be fulfilled.

Council’s director community and recreation Murray Wood said he would raise the Men’s Shed’s issues with the contractor.