‘It’s the way of the future’: Dubbo business owners call for less waste this #PlasticFreeJuly

Adam and Jo Campbell at The Daily Scoop at Majo's. Photo: JENNIFER HOAR
Adam and Jo Campbell at The Daily Scoop at Majo's. Photo: JENNIFER HOAR

There’s a growing appetite for plastic alternatives in the Dubbo region, according to Daily Scoop and Majo’s owners Jo and Adam Campbell.

The Campbells opened the whole food shop on Macquarie Street in 2015, and initially offered a no-waste option for people wanting to purchase raw food and ingredients.

But in the time they have been open, the couple has seen a stark rise in the number of people wanting organic whole food, and to minimise their food and plastic waste.


“Our concept basically reduces plastic by coming in and purchasing what you want into paper bags, or bringing your own jars or containers … there’s no waste whatsoever,” Jo said.

“We have a few regular customers that bring in their jars all the time – they want to shop where there’s no plastic and they’ve been doing that since day dot.”

One such customer is John Benson, who brings his jars in a couple of times a week to stock up on whole foods, dried fruit, nuts and spices.

“It all helps the business of recycling and reducing waste,” he said.

Jo Campbell with regular customer John Benson.

Jo Campbell with regular customer John Benson.

“And it’s easier to get stuff straight into the jars rather than from bags!”

The Campbells acknowledged recent moves by the major supermarkets, Coles and Woolworths, to phase out single-use plastic shopping bags at the check-out.

But Daily Scoop has been plastic bag free since they opened, and Jo said they have never copped any flak over the decision, as the supermarkets have in recent weeks.

Instead, the store continues to expand its stock of plastic alternatives, from food utensils and packaging to make-up and toiletries.

Jo said it was easier to think of today’s convenience, but urged people to consider the future impact of their actions.

She said it was inevitable that single-use plastic would be increasingly phased out in the coming years.

“I think learning to bring your own enviro bags when you go shopping will become the norm eventually, if everybody takes that on,” Jo said.

“I think it needs to be nationwide – or world-wide, really.”