Dubbo councillors to vote on pay rise, 2018/19 rates

Dubbo Regional Council will meet on Monday night. Photo: BELINDA SOOLE
Dubbo Regional Council will meet on Monday night. Photo: BELINDA SOOLE

Dubbo Regional councillors will vote to possibly give themselves a pay rise on Monday night.

The councillor and mayoral fees is one of the long list of agenda items for the June Ordinary Meeting of Council. Ring roads, neighbourhood shops beautification and the DREAM Festival are all on the list to be discussed.

The Local Government Remuneration Tribunal has determined the maximum amount a councillor can make in Dubbo is $19,790. The minimum is $8970.

In addition, the mayor can receive a maximum of $43,170 and a minimum of $19,100.

The decision will be made with a vote from the councillors.

Councillors will also vote on the rates and charges for the 2018/2019 financial year.

As the proposal currently stands, the lowest rates for an ordinary residential property would be $506. In urban areas it’s increased to $666, while in Firgrove and Richmond estates there will be a minimum rate charge of $651.

Cr Shields will introduce minutes on the beautification of the Macquarie River corridor, the Dubbo Aquatic Centre Masterplan and the ring road.

The mayor is calling for a survey of residents to gauge the level of support in the community for the proposed River Street Bridge.

“It is essential the state government be given a proper set of statistical information on the needs and wants of Dubbo road users,” Cr Shields said in the Mayoral Minute.

He said he believed the NSW government “have their information very wrong”.

“The people of West Dubbo are particularly angry with the River Street Bridge proposal. Their concerns are that this plan does nothing to lower the amount of heavy trucks and cars on Whylandra Street, especially around the LH Ford Bridge entry point on Whylandra Street,” Cr Shields said.

“Likewise, I too am also concerned about the unacceptable level of traffic congestion.”

In June 2017 River Street was announced as the location for Dubbo’s third bridge.

At the time Dubbo MP Troy Grant said the River Street option met the needs of the community, council, the transport industry and fitted in with plans for the future traffic flow of the city.

Cr Shields said if $144 million was spent on the River Street Bridge it was unlikely the government would fund a ring road.

The mayor has recommended the survey be issued with the second quarter rate notice in October 2018.

The council meeting will be held in the Dubbo council chambers. It will also be lived streamed on the Dubbo Regional Council Facebook page and website.