Rejoice internet, Jenny Slate and Chris Evans are Back On


Actress Jenny Slate, the quirky, funny, voraciously smart stoner we've all come to over-identify with is enjoying a fabulous holiday season. Not only is she back on with actor Chris Evans, (that's Captain America to you) she just announced she's releasing a book of feminist essays and fables.

The unconventional memoir, (is there any other kind written by an actress?) will feature a story about a deer in a meadow; a "globe of fruit" and a haunted house. In other words, it's every whimsical motif you can imagine. But if we know anything about Slate, it's that she will manage to elevate even the twee-est of themes into a powerful lesson on misogynistic power structures.

"There is so much natural magic to being a human, and in feminism as a movement and a way of life," Slate said in a statement. "I'm thrilled that Little, Brown, and Co. has given me a chance to explore and explain where I find this magic, and how it feels to be alive and a woman in today's wild world. Let's get going!"

Slate will no doubt have plenty of creative fuel, having reunited with actor and known Jock, Evans. Slate was entirely open about the difficulty of dating an American action hero, and how after throwing down "pretty hard" in June 2016, the couple found they could not sustain their romance and broke up

It wasn't all bad, though. Slate did manage to take herself out on a date with Jon Hamm to the movies in June this year. Let this be a lesson to every smart, funny girl you know: the tide is turning and one day, the smart, funny girls will rule the hearts and minds of every male hottie! Consider it revenge for all those Woody Allen movies!

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We suspected that Slate and Evans were back on after Slate tweeted about Evans celebrating her turtleneck sweaters three weeks ago. Then, yesterday, People reported that Slate was seen helping Evans find a new apartment in Tribeca, New York.

That sound you hear is a thousand woodland animals clapping their tiny paws in celebration.

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