Three Dubbo College teachers win NSW award

Three teachers at Dubbo College have won NSW awards for excellence in teaching.

Students from Dubbo College, which has three of NSW's top teachers for 2017.

Students from Dubbo College, which has three of NSW's top teachers for 2017.

Ms Vicki Budden and Ms Rachel Cody, from the college’s Delroy Campus, and Ms Susan Yaghjian, from the South Campus, were recognised at the 2017 Minister's and Secretary's Awards for Excellence.

NSW Education Minister Rob Stokes and Education Department Secretary Mark Scott presented the awards at a ceremony in Sydney on Monday.

The three were in a group of 35 students, 37 staff and eight parents from across NSW, who received awards.

Mr Scott said it was an honour to celebrate the achievements and outstanding work in NSW public schools.

"The students, staff and schools we recognise today are just the tip of the iceberg in terms of the excellence we see every day in NSW public schools," Mr Scott said.

"I congratulate these winners and acknowledge their commitment to excellence and improvement to student learning outcomes is a vision shared across NSW public education."

Mr Stokes said the awards showcased the tremendous contribution that students, teachers, principals, parents and school communities made to public education in NSW.

"Schools are just empty buildings without the students, teachers, and parents that make them great," he said.

The awards are administered by the Public Education Foundation (PEF).

PEF executive director David Hetherington said the foundation was delighted to work with the Education Department in rewarding the significant achievements of students, education staff and parents. 

"These awards are a tribute to their talents, expertise, dedication and tireless commitment to excellence." 

The citations for the three were:

Vicki Budden, Dubbo College Delroy Campus – Minister’s Award for Excellence in Teaching

Vicki Budden is a highly motivated, passionate, enthusiastic and professional educator. She believes in providing opportunities to meet the needs of all students in all aspects of education and wellbeing.

Vicki is instrumental in developing, implementing and evaluating wellbeing for staff and students at both a campus and whole college level. Her rapport with staff, students, parent/carers and community is of the highest standard with the best intentions for all stakeholders.

Her ability to support, motivate and develop staff and students is professional, thorough and consistent. Any task Vicki is asked to complete is done with precision, detail and without hesitation.

Vicki has been instrumental in developing very in depth pro-formas for Health Care plans, Individual Learning and Support Plans and for the National Collection of Disability data, which she has professional shared with colleagues. Vicki is truly a team player with the highest of respect for all team members.

Rachel Cody, Dubbo College Delroy Campus - Minister’s Award for Excellence in Teaching

Rachel Cody is passionate about ‘making a difference’. Her dedication to developing programs and lesson variety is without a doubt of the highest standard.

She has developed creative activities that ensure students are learning in a real life manner with hands on experience and opportunities. Rachel has developed a very compassionate rapport with students who need that little bit extra assistance to meet their educational and wellbeing potential.

Her professional dedication to ‘knowing her students’ is inspirational and appreciated by students, staff and parent/carers alike. Her willingness to try new things creates an interesting class atmosphere whilst still supporting all students at all times.

Rachel has implemented ideas at a whole school level in addition to her classroom. Rachel’s professionalism is of the highest standard and is an example to all staff.  She is a teacher of the whole person.

Susan Yaghjian, Dubbo College South Campus - Minister’s Award for Excellence in Teaching

Susan Yaghjian is nominated for her outstanding and ongoing commitment as a highly evidenced based Science practitioner-teacher.  She has been a year advisor for over 6 years and an SRC coordinator for 5 years; is fully conversant with the implementation of the Australian Science Curriculum (Years 7 to 10).

She creates a quality learning environment as shown by explicit quality criteria, student engagement and their developing capacity for self-regulation and self-direction in research tasks.

STEAM and GOMAD grants have been successfully written which incorporates collaboration with other KLA’s.

Susan coordinates Clean Up Australia, and an ecologically sustainable program, where she champions recycling at South; having established the Environmental Group.