Don’t blame me for bin: Grant

Dubbo MP Troy Grant says he’s not going to accept blame for the third bin when it has nothing to do with him.

Last month Dubbo Regional Council confirmed a three bin system would be introduced in 2018 with the introduction of a food and garden organics waste bin.

It was a controversial decision and the community is still divided on the issue. Council candidates have stated they’ll fight against the decision if elected in September.

However, in response to the blame he had received Mr Grant said: “I’ve got nothing to do with the third bin”.

“The elected councillors took the decision on themselves to introduce this third bin trial, nothing to do with me,” he said.

The introduction of another bin in the city will add an extra $70 to the Domestic Waste Management Charge when it is introduced, increasing it to $378.

“If we have a third bin, if we don’t, I don’t care, but I see the sense in it given that it’s actually going to cost our ratepayers less going into the future.”

“Read the detail, understand the consequences and don’t believe the scaremongering that’s going on out there. I’m not going to cop getting blamed for a decision I had nothing to do with.”

People needed to be informed, the Dubbo MP said.

“The argument about how the [general waste] bin won’t be collected every fortnight? That’s not even totally true. You can elect to have your bin collected weekly,” he said.

Recycling will continue to be collected fortnightly while the organics bin will be collected every week. The general waste bin will be collected fortnightly unless residents pay an additional $40.