Australia Post launches 'Dragonflies: Nature's Flying Machine' stamp issue | Win a prize pack

Australia Post is inviting young wildlife enthusiasts from Dubbo to discover more about a captivating insect and its amazing story.

The ‘Dragonflies: Nature’s Flying Machines’ stamp issue was released this week for national Stamp Collecting Month.

Profiling what’s often regarded as one of the most beautiful creatures of the insect world, the stamp issue features colourful males who belong to the dragonflies and damselflies suborders.

Australian Tiger, Jewel Flutterer, Beautiful Petaltail and Scarlet Percher are the dragonflies in the limelight and the damselfly is the Arrowhead Rockmaster.

The release of the stamps each year is eagerly awaited by stamp collectors of all ages at Dubbo and beyond.

To mark Stamp Collecting Month, the Daily Liberal has 10 prize packs to give away to readers.

With about 6000 known species of dragonfly worldwide, 325 of which occur in Australia, Australia Post philatelic manager Michael Zsolt said it was the perfect subject for this year’s Stamp Collecting Month stamp issue.

“This year’s Stamp Collecting Month is a great opportunity for students, teachers, parents and grandparents to share in the fascination and splendour of nature’s flying machines,” he said.

“Unlike many insects, dragonflies capture our imagination with their fairy-like appearance, large reflective eyes, varied brightness and large yet delicate wings.”

Dragonfly expert and Honorary Fellow of Office of Environment and Heritage, Professor Gunther Theischinger said the dragonfly was a remarkable creature.

“Dragonflies mainly inhabit areas near still or running freshwater sources, with their presence signaling the health of the local ecosystem,” he said.

“It’s in these environments that the three stages in the dragonfly’s life cycle commence, from egg to larva to adult.

“Most of the dragonfly’s life is spent in the larval stage, which can be up to five years in some species and less than a year in others.”

Stamp collecting is often a multigenerational hobby, with grandparents and parents sharing and passing down collections.

Many begin collecting because they like the artwork on a particular stamp, or are especially interested in a specific topic covered.

Stamp Collecting Month is supported by a dedicated online education resource containing information on each species featured, as well as lesson ideas and activities, stamp images and much more.

For more information on Stamp Collecting Month and this year’s issue, Dragonflies: Nature’s Flying Machines, including educational activities, visit the website:


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