Gino Stocco, Mark Stocco sentenced to jail terms for larceny and malicious damage offences

Notorious father and son crime duo Gino and Mark Stocco have received jail terms in Dubbo Local Court for further larceny and malicious damage offences in northern NSW.

Mark Stocco acknowledged to police the actions were taken in “vengeance” because they felt they had been “treated wrong”, court documents show.

The father and son are already serving maximum terms of 40 years'  imprisonment for a raft of offences, including murdering a farm caretaker near Dunedoo.

The pair had previously entered pleas of guilty to the new charges at Moree Local Court and the matters were adjourned to Dubbo.

On Wednesday magistrate Paul Hayes sentenced Gino, 59, and Mark, 37, to maximum terms of 10 months in jail, with non-parole periods of seven months.

The offences occurred in April and May 2015 on rural properties at Coolatai where the Stoccos had been engaged as caretakers since early 2014, court documents show.

They provided the names John and Mark Katazi.

In early 2015 the relationship between them and the owners soured.

The pair answered an advertisement from a property owner at Terry Hie Hie, again providing the names of John and Mark Katazi.

They moved to the Terry Hie Hie homestead, but continued to work on the Coolatai properties.

On April 16, the Terry Hie Hie property owner told Gino things were not working out and both parties believed it would be best if the Stoccos left.

They left, Gino stealing the keys to the house, front gate, quad bike, and ride-on lawn mower, costing the owner about $150 to refit locks.

The pair returned to the Coolatai property on the night of May 3-4.

They stole firearms, a trailer and other equipment and about 100 litres of diesel, with a total value of $9000.

The same night the pair drilled holes into 72 tyres belonging to farm vehicles and equipment.

The actions cost the victims about $17,000 to repair the tyres alone.

The Stoccos also cut 10 fences, allowing breeding cattle to get into paddocks together, and leaving another repair bill of about $1250.

Then on the night of May 31-June 1 the pair struck again at another property owned by the Coolatai victims.

They slashed the tyres of two vehicles and a ride-on mower.

Mark dropped Gino at the property and waited in the vehicle as a lookout, the documents show.

The duo also cut four fences in 35 places, costing the owners $1750.

The expiry of the larceny sentence within the year will have little impact on the Stoccos - they will continue to serve the lengthy sentences for the murder conviction.