Woman steals from three Dubbo stores, assaults police, receives jail terms

A woman with a record of shoplifting who stole goods from three Dubbo stores in 10 days and assaulted police will spend at least three months in jail for the crimes.

Maria Smith, 27, of Dubbo wrestled with an officer causing him to fall when she was arrested days after grabbing a bottle of bourbon from a liquor outlet and running.

Within two days of being charged she stashed packs of schnitzels and chops in a shopping bag at a supermarket and fled.

She faced Dubbo Local Court on Wednesday and pleaded guilty to larceny and assault officer in execution of duty, and two counts of shoplifting.

Magistrate Paul Hayes sentenced Smith to a seven-month maximum jail term with a non-parole period of three months for the assault police matter.

She was also sentenced to concurrent three-month fixed jail terms for the offences against Target and Delroy Park Woolworths and a two-month fixed term for stealing from BWS.

He said the offences demonstrated Smith’s continuing attitude of “disobedience to the rights of other people”.

On the night of February 21 at BWS Riverdale Smith picked up a bottle of bourbon valued at $42 and ran from the store, court documents show.

Three days later she was spotted by police in Justice Place and arrested.

Inside the station Smith began to wrestle and swear loudly at the senior constable who tripped over during the altercation, falling to the ground, the documents show.

Smith began to threaten officers saying “I’m going to stomp your head in and I’m gonna kill all of yas”.

As the senior constable placed Smith in the dock she spat in his direction, saliva hitting the dock door.

On February 26 at Woolworths Smith loaded up a basket with packs of beef schnitzels, lamb chops, a pork roast and a chicken, totalling $108.

She then placed the meat in a shopping bag and headed for the exit.

She refused to present the bag for inspection and left.

On February 16 the 27-year-old had gone to Target and removed a $150 stroller from display.

Smith went to the register and purchased several other items, but made no offer to pay for the stroller.

When employees requested payment she walked off pushing the stroller.

Mr Hayes said any assault of police, who were going about their lawful duties, was serious and there needed to be general deterrence.