2017 Parkes Elvis Festival: Dubbo stall 'fined' for having the best pizza in town

It’s not too often you get fined for having the best food in town.

But during this year’s Parkes Elvis Festival that’s what happened to Jeffery Arnett of Dubbo and his pizza stall.

Alfies Gourmet Pizzas and Catering were among the several market stalls that set up shop in Cooke Park during the festival.

On the other side of the park, so too did the California Highway Patrol Police, who on more than one occasion has made an appearance at the Parkes Elvis Festival.

They’re most well known for their presence in the Elvis Festival's Northparkes Mines Street Parade as escorts.

But it appears they were also very active around the park over the event, issuing notices of violations and on-the-spot fines for what they considered various crimes against the festival.

Among those violations were crimes against jumpsuits ($10 fine), crimes against music ($10 fine), show stopping dance moves ($10 fine), setting the shop on fire ($20), brown suede shoes ($10) and behaving like a Hound Dog ($15 fine).

There was also an “other” option available on the notice sheet.

And at precisely 4.15pm on Saturday, Jeffery and his team were issued a notice of violation from the California Highway Patrol officers for having the best pizza in Parkes.

They were fined $5.

The team was so proud of the notice, they couldn’t help but show it off.

Jeffery also received an individual violation for “exposing yourself” after his staff member Sam Waitley complained to the officers when he saw Jeffery’s bum crack.

He was fined $4000.