Subak club's success at martial arts competition

DUBBO'S Subak Martial Arts club members participated in the third round of the Australian Martial Arts Championships (AMAC), which was a qualifying round for the NSW state titles to be held in September.

The championships were a success for the club with students entering in all aspects of the events from forms, points and full contact sparring.

Isaac McLeenan, in his first AMAC championships, demonstrated energy and spirit in all aspects of the day. He gained a fourth place in forms (patterns) in a very large field and also a fourth place in full contact Kumite sparring. These results gained McLeenan a position at the NSW titles.

Zac O'Leary, 15, had a successful tournament leading the squad in the Open Showmanship section and the Colts (under-17s) full contact sparring. Against older competitors he displayed the spirit to compete at this level of intensity.

At the end of the rounds, Zac placed second and also gained a position for the state titles.

Keeping it in the family and fighting for the girls, Alyssa O'Leary, 13, gained entry into the state titles in a number of aspects of martial arts. She competed in the under-15 freestyle and points sparring. Alyssa qualified for the state in both styles and gained a fourth place medal in free sparring. She also gained fourth place in forms, second in sumo wrestling and first in sword fighting.

The entire club is very proud of her efforts.

James Fern, 13, had an outstanding tournament. He competed in one of the largest fields of the day in both points and freestyle sparring.

James fought his way to the final of the points sparring and came away from the tournament with the trophy for second place and also a place at the state titles.

He demonstrated his versatility by also placing in forms, with a quality fourth place.

The Percy sisters, Deena, 11, Shaye, 11, and Mikaela, 12, all performed at a high level in a number of events and qualified for the NSW state titles in all of their events. The sisters sparred with tremendous spirit in the mixed under-12 sparring.

Although not placing in sparring, the girls left with medals and places in swords (Deena second, Mikaela third and Shaye fourth) and sumo wrestling (Shaye third).

Youngest squad member, Colby Huckle, 10, competing in his first AMAC, demonstrated an amazing spirit throughout the day. He entered all events from sparring, patterns, swords and wrestling. Although not placing on the day, Colby showed considerable promise and he can expect to improve in his next attempt.

The Dubbo Subak Martial Arts Club athletes go through their paces.

The Dubbo Subak Martial Arts Club athletes go through their paces.


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