Corruption in sport needs considered, effective response

Drugs in sport was the topic at almost every water cooler on Friday, and most likely will be at most of the pubs and barbecues this evening as well.

Someone interviewed on radio yesterday morning said it was no longer sport: it was money and a business. And there factors are going to attract greed, corruption and even the criminal element seeking to make a nefarious buck or two.

Money in sport will always put individuals on the path to temptation.

But our national love of sport demands we pay our athletes - more so the men than the women - but we pay them well and the crowds turn up to see them play.

Cutting wages or stopping the payment to our athletes is not the answer. While a short-term playing career is on offer to our young and talented sportspeople, there is a longer future after the game with coaching, management, commentary, sports medicine ground management. The opportunities are endless.

The controlling bodies of these sports to set in place laws to fairly, but with conviction, penalise those who decide to cheat by using performance-enhancing drugs or hinder a team's performance so people motivated by greed and corruption can profit.

It will be devastating for young sportspeople to realise that many of their heroes could have gained an advantage by rorting the system,

It will be tawdry for these youngsters to aspire to an environment or a future where you show them to break the rules is OK as long as you win.