More to value than simple possessions

OUR recent series of reports focusing on crime in O'Donnell Street in West Dubbo have been met with both interest and outrage by the Dubbo community, judging by the volume of comments on our Daily Liberal website.

While many residents have said they are grateful to have their plight heard and shared, some have said the attention will adversely affect property values.

The situation begs the question, do we ignore the crime and antisocial behaviour or pursue the crime for the greater good?

If the media had ignored the issues in Gordon Estate several years back would the powers that be have been moved to act?

The residents of O'Donnell Street are fed up with excuses offered by some sections of society as to why the troublemakers do what they do. They just want their nightmare to end.

They just want to feel safe in their own homes. It is not that much to ask for.

Indeed, residents are asking, does somebody need to be killed before something is done?

Pehaps we need to consider, as a society, not only the value we place on a property, but the impact this behaviour has on human life.

Property prices rise and fall over time.

Human lives and quality of life are always important.


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