Safety a necessity in the wet weather

WET weather and slippery roads have caused at least four motor accidents on Dubbo roads in 24 hours.

Early yesterday morning, a Queensland truck driver was lucky to escape death when his prime mover lost control on the Newell Highway.

An emergency services worker on the scene said the man had come over a hill about 15 kilometres past Taronga Western Plains Zoo, and a combination of wet roads, a light load and the downward slope may have contributed to the crash.

To their credit, police, fire fighters and emergency services conducted the clean-up like a well-oiled machine.

Tow trucks salvaged the damaged trailer overturned on the side of the road in record time.

Resigned to a lengthy wait, about 20 motorists in both directions turned off their cars and stood out on the highway chatting with each other and watching the salvage with interest.

The trailer was secured with large cables and eased onto the tray of the super-sized tow truck. The prime mover was also hoisted onto a truck before both were towed away.

Emergency workers then ushered traffic past the scene to alleviate a build up on the busy highway.

Their wait was not a long one with the highway cleared in around an hour.

From a bystanders point of view it was impressive to see emergency workers pull together (yet again) to manage the incidents.

The four incidents also serve as a good reminder to take care on wet rural roads.

ROAD SAFETY: Slow down in the wet.

ROAD SAFETY: Slow down in the wet.