First in the door for opportunity

YESTERDAY’S announcement by NBN Co regarding a proposal for fixed wireless network will keep Dubbo ahead of its regional peers, Bathurst and Orange.

While those two cities are also on the list for the fixed wireless proposal, because Dubbo will be in the stream for optic fibre rollout from next June, it gives this city the key head start.

It is as if we are competing in a three-legged race against our peers, however, Dubbo will be running unencumbered and should do so with the freedom these opportunities present.

While there have been some criticisms of the cost of the national broadband network, there are also countless opportunities this vehicle will offer.

In fact many of these opportunities are yet to be identified, because the only limitation will be the imagination of the operators and the ideas people.

Innovation in the Australian bush has almost always been at the cutting edge. Who’s to say the advent of super-fast internet access could be the birth of the modern version of the stump-jump plough or the original grain harvester concept?

Cast your minds back 15 or so years; there were no such things as Facebook, Youtube or even tweeting.

What is in front of us? That’s the mystery, but we can be sure there’ll be plenty of challenges and fun in store.

NBN is on its way to Dubbo.

NBN is on its way to Dubbo.