Residents fed up with the rot in their midst

Carole Kilsby alongside her car minutes after children had used a rock to smash the back window.			      Photo: LISA MINNER
Carole Kilsby alongside her car minutes after children had used a rock to smash the back window. Photo: LISA MINNER

"How are we going to afford to fix this? We're pensioners."

Those were the words of a tearful Carole Kilsby just minutes after three children walked past her house and hurled a string of verbal abuse before smashing her car window with a rock.

Mrs Kilsby said she and her husband Dave were cutting a tree out of their front yard about 2.30pm yesterday when a girl and two boys aged about 10 exited a house up the road, throwing stones at houses as they walked.

"Dave was putting a bin out and asked them what they were doing. They kept walking up the road then stopped and yelled a mouthful of cheek at us. They yelled all sorts of things, telling us to go f..k each other and calling me a fat s..t," she said.

"Then I heard a smash and sure enough they'd thrown a rock at the car from the road and smashed the window."

Mr Kilsby said he chased the trio away with a baseball bat.

The Leavers Street residents were among neighbours who told the Daily Liberal yesterday they were fed up with children from nearby public housing residences who were outside at all hours of the day and night, vandalising property and yelling whatever they liked at whomever they liked.

They pointed out several houses troublemakers regularly walked in, and out, of.

One resident said nothing would change unless parents started taking responsibility for their children's actions.

"Instead they're sitting at home, shooting up, while the kids are roaming the streets," he said.

"As soon as it gets dark we just lock ourselves inside. But that doesn't stop the kids from coming into our yards or throwing rocks at us."

Mrs Kilsby called the police straight away to report the damage to her car window.

But it was Housing NSW that she wanted to see the damage.

"The department was at a house across the road this morning. They had to hunt some kids out of the yard and got a mouthful themselves," she said.

"Another neighbour was just sitting on her front verandah last night and a group came past, calling her a white c..t. She didn't ask for that. It never ends."

After calling the police, the Kilsbys' next phone call was to Member for Dubbo Troy Grant.

"I've booked an appointment with him. I've had enough," Mr Kilsby said.

"The government broke up the Gordon Estate and all the trouble has moved to the Apollo Estate and here. The tenants have moved here and brought their relatives with them so at times you are getting three families in the same house.

"We've been here 20 years and it's never been this bad."

It was the second time in just days that the Kilsbys had been targeted.

"Just the other night we were in bed and then had to chase some kids out of the yard who were knocking off my statues," Mrs Kilsby said.

Nearby resident Glen Mills said residents had made numerous complaints to Housing NSW about children of some public housing tenants who were terrorizing residents.

"It's the same kids all the time," he said.

"The department gives us forms asking us to itemise times and places. They'd have a big cabinet full of forms by now.

"We're sick of itemizing things. We get brochures from the department saying they have a zero-tolerance policy on antisocial behaviour. What a load of rot.

"There isn't a resident along here who hasn't had trouble and the housing department has just turned its back on us.

"It's been going on for months. It's out of hand. Does somebody need to be killed before something is done?"


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