Bullying comes in many sinister forms

THE tragic death of a Sydney man, who died by suicide last month after he was involved in a boating tragedy and then allegedly targeted by a hate campaign, is a reminder that these sort of campaigns and bullying generally can have deadly consequences.

It's also a reminder that bullying of all kinds is unacceptable.

It has been interesting to see some of the reader reaction in relation to several of the stories the Liberal has run in recent days and comments, while you would hope were well intentioned, at first glance look as if they stray into the areas easily described as bullying.

Yesterday the chief executive officer of beyondblue, Kate Carnell AO, issued a media statement saying it was important everyone understood bullying and other types of discrimination are major causes of stress, leading to depression or anxiety which in turn can lead to suicide.

Anonymous postings by people with withering criticism of, for example, the impact of a family losing their dog to a ranger were quite extraordinary, and as a consequence were not published.

These nasty attacks also happen when critics of the local member, the mayor or any number of our elected councillors, use the anonymity offered to unload.

The Daily Liberal has no tolerance for acts of animal, or any other kinds of, cruelty.

But calling people names leaves the critic open to criticism as well.