Crime stats should alarm citizens

MANY if not all readers will be alarmed to hear the regional centres of Dubbo and Wellington are experiencing crime rates at more than twice the state average.

The rises are also shared by another regional centre and Evocity peer Tamworth, which, for example, had recorded rises in crime of 13 of the 17 major categories

It is not an issue isolated to just one area.

Some will point the finger at the judicial system and claim the penalties are not harsh enough or that magistrates are too lenient.

But there are many examples of where laws are harsh almost beyond belief; Sharia for example in Islamic countries where thieves get a hand lopped off.

While one would think this is a deterrent to all, it is not, because the practice of theft continues despite the brutality of the penalty.

This opinion piece will not pretend it has the answers; far greater minds have and will continue to work on a solution.

What must be continued is the support of the police system both at a legislative and community level. We must continue to press our political leaders and those who influence those who manage our legal system to be diligent in finding us as a community more answers.

The more we pursue and then support answers, the greater the likelihood change will occur.


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