Man fined $1100 for street race

A P-PLATE driver charged with racing through a residential area at 125km/h has been fined a total of $1100 in Dubbo Local Court.

Troy Francis Burtenshaw pleaded guilty to four charges.

Police alleged the 20-year-old apprentice welder raced through Chelmsford Street, Dubbo between 1pm and 1.30pm on July 18.

The court heard lives were placed at risk when Burtenshaw allegedly drove at 75km/h above the 50km/h speed limit.

Magistrate Andrew Eckhold told Burtenshaw he faced a maximum fine of $3300 for taking part in a street race.

"You were lucky not to be charged with driving in a manner dangerous,'' the magistrate said.

The solicitor representing Burtenshaw described him as a decent young man from a good family.

"He did something really stupid,'' the solicitor said.

"Being charged by police has been a salutary lesson for him.

"He is very embarrassed to be brought before the court.''

The court heard Burtenshaw had successfully completed a traffic offender education program.

The other driver involved in the street race was dealt with by Magistrate Eckhold last month.

Tony Thomas Byers, 34, was fined $1650 and disqualified from driving for eight months.

Magistrate Eckhold said Byers was an older man with previous traffic matters.

He said Burtenshaw was a young man with a clean record.