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What to expect when studying for an MBA qualification

Studying an MBA is all about knowing what to expect and preparing yourself accordingly. Picture supplied
Studying an MBA is all about knowing what to expect and preparing yourself accordingly. Picture supplied

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Studying at the postgraduate level can be challenging. You'll likely be working in some capacity, have a social life and potentially a family all vying for your attention.

Adding a postgraduate qualification to that already loaded plate isn't easy, but it's not impossible either. Studying an MBA is all about knowing what to expect and preparing yourself accordingly. To learn more about what to expect when studying for an MBA qualification, read this simple guide.

The benefits of flexible study

A university degree at any level doesn't have to be this rigid program that requires on-site attendance. Studying at the postgraduate level comes with a lot of flexibility to ensure it fits your life. Studying for a Masters of Business Administration is no different as most, if not all, universities offer the opportunity to study either online or on campus.

Online learning is perfect for those full-time professionals who can't make evening lectures on campus. You can dial in from almost anywhere, listen to recordings of lectures after the fact and do all of this remotely.

The opportunity to learn when you can with recordings is the type of flexibility you'll need to keep on top of your studies. It's less about keeping to university schedules and more about taking advantage of those times you have the chance and motivation to study. The great thing about an MBA qualification is it can be flexible to your needs.

Meet & build a strong network

When you studied for an undergraduate degree, you probably met a great group of people who stuck with you through all your subjects and assignments. Studying an MBA is a little different; you choose when you do the required subjects and your electives, meaning you'll meet a bunch of new people in each subject. At the postgraduate level, this is an enormous benefit. All of these new individuals represent a great chance to network and learn.

You'll meet people from industries that are similar to yours and others from industries you haven't even heard of. All of this networking brings knowledge and shared experience, something you can always benefit from. If you choose to study for an MBA, don't be afraid to reach out and chat with new people, you'll be amazed at who you might meet. Your lecturers will also possess real-world training to provide further context to your study.

Connect with others through group work

If you don't love group work, then be prepared to get uncomfortable in a lot of subjects for your MBA. At the core of the MBA program is the goal to help individuals grow and learn more about business as a concept. A lot of units facilitate this by designing assessments around group work and encouraging groups to be formed as early as possible in a unit. If you're going to take on an MBA and group work isn't your favourite, be sure to get in early and work with people you'll enjoy spending time with.

Use discussion boards to introduce yourself and find like-minded people with similar goals around grades or outcomes. Don't leave it to chance and hope you get a good group; at the MBA level, you need to be proactive to get the group you want.

If you don't enjoy group work, don't shy away from it. Get involved and help set the plan so you have a new comfort level with each team member's contribution. It's important to remember that most students completing an MBA are professionals; it's unlikely you'll get a slacker in the group.

Work & study at your own pace

Postgraduate study is amazingly adaptive to different periods of life. If you get busy with family or work, you always have the option of dropping back to part-time or even deferring for a short period. Having the ability to learn at your own pace is a great piece of knowledge to have when you commence your study; this way, you can release the pressure valve a bit.

Another great choice you are afforded during the MBA qualification is the ability to pick and choose units. It's likely you'll get a course structure or proposed outline at the commencement.

This outline is a guide and helps you understand the required unit and the electives you can choose. It's up to you which order you choose to do the units, which can really help add some control to your studies.

You may choose to couple a subject you know something about with a tougher subject to lighten the blow. Whatever strategy you go with, you'll have the power to choose in an MBA qualification.


Studying for an MBA qualification is a rewarding process that helps build your capability as a person and a leader. You'll be exposed to a new way of viewing the business world and become a more well-rounded individual. If you are planning on or have just started an MBA, learn what to expect and get ahead of the game with this guide.