A family's farming success story

2014 marks the International Year of the Farming Family. 

Each day we have contact with a farmer, though we may not realise it. 

Through the milk we enjoy on our breakfast, the meat we have for dinner, to the clothes we wear, a farmer has had something to do with our daily lives. 

This year we honour our farming families across the Central West and Western NSW, bringing you their stories in the paper and online each week. 

WORKING TOGETHER: Margie and John Lowe with son William and Wolfie the Australian Koolie

WORKING TOGETHER: Margie and John Lowe with son William and Wolfie the Australian Koolie

NESTLED in a valley surrounded by picturesque countryside is a success story that has been carried on generation after generation.

Lowther Park has been part of the Lowe's family since the 1920s when it belonged to John Lowe's grandfather - Eric Thompson.

But, this was not the beginning of farming in the Lowe family, it started many years before then.

"My family background has always been farming," John said.

"Even in the 1830s when the first of my people arrived in Australia, they were farmers.

"It is something that has just carried on."

John and his wife Margie were both born into farming families.

Margie spent her childhood and teen years growing up in the Forbes region.

John moved into Lowther Park with his parents and sister when he was 18-months- old and has lived and worked on the property ever since.

Today John, Margie, their two sons Charlie and William along with John's mother Audrey all work together to run their property.

"We are fully stocked at the moment," John said.

"We run cattle and sheep over the 2000 acres we have so generally have our hands full.

"There is a lot of variety working a property this size; something I like.

"Each day is different, each week is a game plan that can change in an instant and you have to be open to new ideas and flexible when making the tough decisions.

"One week you may be in full drought the next it could be flooding, you have to change your practice to suite the situation.

“Despite the challenges presented by climate and feral animals, we are still in the game."

Margie has a hands-on role in the business operation and with a background in economics has combined both to help make it the success it is.

"The variety is what I like most as well," Margie said.

"I could be in the paddocks one day or the yards drenching and tagging, office the next or doing something for the kids or committee work."

Both John and Margie are on numerous committees between them and put any spare energy they have in trying to make a difference for future generations - community and agriculture.

Sons Charlie and William have their chores to do as well, which although, no where near the volume the adults put in, is still a large contribution to the family business.

Audrey Lowe plays just as important role in the family's success as the rest of the family and you can find her on any given day poring over bookwork or lending her hand to stock work - even mustering.

Audrey's wisdom and insights gained from her experience in this country and its' seasons has often been extremely valuable to John and Margie.

There is no other place that Audrey would rather be after a full life in agriculture.

Lowther Park certainly holds a very special place in the Lowes' hearts and with families such as them in the agricultural business, farming and grazing in the Lithgow region should have a bright future!


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