Dubbo Liquor Accord to monitor serving vessels

FISHBOWLS, teapots and jam jars full of alcohol served across the city will be monitored in a major focus the 2013-14 Dubbo Liquor Accord committee.

Various venues have increased the inventive servings of alcohol in recent months following their popularity in metropolitan centres.

While the committee said Dubbo's venues have been compliant, treasurer Scot McLeod and secretary Eloise Klaare believed they were toeing the line.

"They encourage large amounts of consumption and we're looking to reduce that," Ms Klaare said.

"There are rules about serving in non-standard vessels," Mr McLeod said.

"The law says you can serve alcohol in glasses with measuring lines, and teapots, jam jars and fishbowls are stretching the limits.

"Police are keeping a close eye on it, and licencees know they have to comply with the rules."

Ms Klaare said monitoring Dubbo's welfare for the next 12 months would come from "a lot of changes".

"We want to reinforce old policies that haven't been updated for a while," Ms Klaare said.

The Dubbo Liquor Accord has introduced a public membership this year, which will give them funds to promote the service to patrons.

They plan to roll out posters in venues and encourage anyone to come forward with potential issues.

Presently, president Pat Finn said the main aim of providing a responsible service of alcohol and gaming was working for Dubbo.

"The pubs and clubs are working well at the moment, there's very little trouble," he said.

"They're all supportive of what we do."

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