Woman raves in local court

A DISTURBED woman was refused bail for her own protection when she ranted and raved in Dubbo Local Court yesterday.

The 27-year-old shouted and swore at Magistrate Andrew Eckhold, called out for her mother and stood on the seats of the court dock while waving her handcuffed wrists around.

The woman ignored Department of Corrective Services officers as they attempted to quieten the bizarre behaviour.

“I did nothing f---ing wrong,’’ the woman yelled before turning around to address the public gallery.

“Brother, where is the receipt? I’m being set up. I’ve got no need to be dishonest. I’ve got a life, man. I want a future, man.’’

The woman was arrested on Tuesday night when she came to police attention in Whylandra Street, West Dubbo.

Police become suspicious of clothing items in her possession and after searching her belongings found a substance believed to be crystal methamphetamine (commonly known as ice).

The substance has been sent to the Department of Analytical Laboratories for testing.

The woman was charged with having suspected stolen goods in her possession. She was held in custody overnight.

The charge put the woman in breach of bail for other offences.

A solicitor from the Aboriginal Legal Service argued the breach was relatively weak.

“She had salt in her possession,’’ the solicitor said. “It is yet to be proven the substance was ice.

“She had the receipt for an item purchased from a second-hand store. The other clothing in the bag was her own.’’

During an application for bail the solicitor said the woman would live with her mother and report to police two days a week.

The solicitor’s application and the magistrate’s response was drowned out by the continuing commotion in the dock.

“Sorry, your Honour, there’s been a mistake,’’ the woman yelled.

“You saw me down the street shopping. Where is my mother?

“Sorry, sir, I haven’t had my pain medication. It’s cruel when they lie about you. I was carrying a bit of salt and pepper in my bag. I’ve go no need to be dishonest. I did nothing wrong.’’

The woman leaned over the dock and stretched her handcuffed wrists towards the magistrate.

“It’s been a big mistake. I need my painkillers. I’ve been off it (drugs) for years.

“I’ve got my mother. I will report to police and be on a curfew.’’

Magistrate Eckhold urged the woman to be quiet.

“She is obviously unwell or intoxicated, although the mental health nurse says she does not seem to be psychotic,’’ he said.

Police opposed bail for the welfare and protection of the community. The prosecutor said the woman had an extensive criminal history and had prior warrants.

The woman again interjected from the dock.

“What did I do wrong? Where is my mother?,’’ she yelled.

The woman walked on top of the seats in the dock and lost her shoe when she jumped onto the courtroom floor.

Magistrate Eckhold refused bail.

“I am worried about her safety,’’ he said.

“A drug charge may be laid.’’

The goods in custody charge was adjourned to March 6.

The magistrate gave approval for a drug rehabilitation phone assessment to be conducted from prison.

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