Mourners gather to bid a final farewell to young Kayleb O'Neill

THE cheeky grin of affectionate Kayleb “Buddy” Paul O’Neill was celebrated amongst family and friends at a St Brigid’s Church funeral yesterday.

Earlier that day a guard of honour was formed in Kayleb’s Wellington neighbourhood, with his mother Natasha thanking the 200 strong crowd for their support.

It was a motorcycle crash that killed the nine-year-old boy on Christmas Day. 

Pictures of motorcycles were pictured on the front of the green funeral service booklet capturing Kayleb’s favourite hobby and colour.

Hundreds of mourners wore green, red, black and yellow or carried Aboriginal flags as a tribute to Kayleb.

Father Tony Hennessy’s voice was thick with emotion as he spoke of a mischievous young boy who was always willing to lend a hand.

He urged the Wellington and Dubbo communities to watch over the Kayleb’s family.

“Buddy was a person that cared for his family and I ask everyone else to do the same,” he said.

“A funeral is a time for community and family and friends to support each other.”

In an emotional eulogy Kayleb was described as a brother who adored his siblings and was inseparable from them.

The mourners were told Kayleb taught his younger brother Kayden how to ride a bike without training wheels and that fishing was a passion he shared with his father Sean O’Neill.

Mates Kye and James Hynch, wrote a poem for "their best friend", which was delivered at the funeral.

After several poems were read in dedication to the young Wellington boy a PowerPoint of picture of Kayleb was shown.

Pictures of Kayleb as a baby and with family and friends were shown to the music Sorry, Blame It On Me by Akon.

Father Hennessy told the crowd that he had overseen many funerals for people both old and young.

“Even though Kayleb’s life was short it was precious,” he said.

“He was important.”

The small white coffin carried by pall bearers with white shirts and striped armbands of yellow, read and black with Kayleb written on them after the service.

A long line of vehicles followed the white hearse to the New Dubbo Cemetery where Kayleb was laid to rest.

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