Folly and talk on collection at WPCC

ARTIST Arlo Mountford visited Dubbo recently to give an artist's talk on a body of work that was acquired by the Western Plains Culture Centre (WPCC) in 2009.

The work, entitled The Folly, was funded by the Friends of the Western Plains Cultural Centre as part of the Animals in Art Collection.

Mr Montford said The Folly drew heavily on the paintings of Breugel (the elder), who was a 1600s Flemish painter who predominantly painted domestic and rural scenes.

The artist said Breugal was touted as being the next Hieronymus Bosch but instead his work romanticised the lives of peasants.

The first image in The Folly, is a computerised drawing of Bruegel's painting Hunters in the Snow.

"I've always loved that painting and I think nearly everyone has some kind of familiarity with his work," he said.

"The three I chose; Hunters in the Snow, The Harvest and The Fall of Icarus show movement across the page that lasts about three minutes per painting."

Mr Montford's painstaking renditions have been drawn solely with a computer mouse.

Future works have been rendered using a more artist-friendly digital tablet.

Senior curator of the WPCC Kent Buchanan said Mr Mountford's work was important to the gallery's collection and the recent showing was the second time it had been on exhibit.

"It was hugely popular the first time we exhibited so we knew with this showing that the opportunity to bring Arlo up to talk about the work was too good to ignore, so that's what we did," he said.

Arlo's work will be on exhibition until January 23, 2013.

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