Baseball bat forfeited after charge on male

MAGISTRATE Andrew Eckhold ordered a baseball bat to be forfeited when Luke Smith appeared in Dubbo Local Court.

Smith sat handcuffed in the dock on offensive weapon and breach of bail charges.

The court heard he had previously been granted bail on charges of assault occasioning actual bodily harm, common assault and stalk and intimidate.

Police said Smith had been taken into custody at 3am on Wednesday when he was found in a Dubbo street carrying a baseball bat.

Smith's solicitor said the bat was for protection "in case he was jumped".

"My client has previously been mugged in West Dubbo,'' the solicitor said.

Police said at the time of his arrest Smith was with a woman he had allegedly assaulted.

According to bail restrictions, Smith is not allowed to be in her company.

The solicitor said Smith had been confused by the bail restrictions which differed from apprehended violence orders imposed by the court.

"The AVO says he can be with her unless he has been drinking,'' the solicitor said.

"My client now understands he must stay away from her while he is on bail.''

A woman seated in the public gallery yelled out "I am his girlfriend actually".

She was told to be quiet.

The woman stormed out of the courtroom when Magistrate Andrew Eckhold ordered Smith to be returned to the cells while an officer from the probation and parole service obtained information for the court.

When the matter resumed probation and parole said Smith had complied with directions in the past and was willing to accept ongoing supervision.

Magistrate Eckhold placed Smith on an 18-month good behaviour bond for the offensive weapon offence.

The other charges were adjourned to January 8.

Bail was granted with a $500 surety and strict conditions.

Smith is required to report to police each Monday, Wednesday and Friday. He must comply with probation and parole directions and cannot have contact with the alleged assault victim.