Warrant issued for absent woman

MAGISTRATE Andrew Eckhold issued a warrant for the arrest of Lisa Gayden when she failed to appear in Dubbo Local Court on charges of stealing from the person.

The court heard the 20-year-old had not communicated with the Aboriginal Legal Service (ALS) for more than a month.

"A number of attempts to make contact with her through addresses and phone numbers have been to no avail,'' an ALS solicitor said.

Magistrate Eckhold gave the legal service leave to withdraw from the matter.

"A warrant must be issued, sadly,'' he said.

Gayden has made a number of appearances in Dubbo Local Court during the past nine months.

Initially held in custody after breaching bail, she was released and given opportunities to participate in the Magistrate's Early Referral Into Treatment (MERIT) drug and alcohol program.

During earlier court appearances Magistrate Eckhold was told Gayden had been trapped in a cycle of drug dependency.

She had failed to meet court-imposed reporting conditions and methadone clinic appointments.

In September the court was told Gayden had been assessed as suitable to enter Lyndon detoxification centre and Guthrie House rehabilitation centre.