Walkom seeking festival feedback from Facebook generation

Dubbo’s John Walkom has begun to court the younger members of the community to find out what they think of his festival proposition.

Mr Walkom has set up a page on social networking site Facebook for his Festival of Sound idea.

Mr Walkom’s idea was one of the four to go on the short list at the most recent public meeting to progress towards a new iconic festival for the city.

Dubbo councillor Peter Bartley organised and chaired the public meetings - the third and final of which will be held on Thursday - to find a festival to compare to the Parkes Elvis Festival.

A steering committee will be elected on Thursday and it will decide the way forward, but Mr Walkom is doing some early homework.

His Festival of Sound page already had 28 fans by yesterday, and Mr Walkom was “pretty happy” with that.

“The page is to get feedback from the broader community, particularly Generation Y,” he said.

Mr Walkom agreed that one of the challenges for the festival movement would be to involve those in the city born after 1975.

Mr Walkom told his acquaintances in an email that they could leave comments “for or against” his idea.

The other three shortlisted ideas were a festival of animals, a dance festival and a cultural festival that included a short films competition.

Cr Bartley has continued to receive ideas for the festival since more than 20 ideas were shortlisted last month.

The third and final public meeting will be held in the auditorium of the Western Plains Cultural Centre at 5.30pm on Thursday.