Candid answers on energy refreshing

TALK about mixed messages.

Yesterday federal Energy Minister Martin Ferguson stated he was determined to work co-operatively with the states to reform the energy market, particularly on expanding the use of gas.

This newspaper, like many other media outlets across the state, is being snowed with messages from anti-coal seam gas activists claiming gas extraction is almost on par as the missing fifth horseman of the apocalypse.

The minister was calling for more privatisation in the energy sector and said there was $170 billion in liquid natural gas revenue alone and about $270 billion across resources in energy.

In fact, it was a straight-talking minister because he also said nuclear power was a proven form of clean energy.

However, its high cost of production meant it would not be on the government's agenda any time soon.

It would be a long time since a Labor minister has been so candid about these forms of energy - which in itself was refreshing.

Too often people in positions of leadership try and couch their language in spinning phrases designed to calm our fears and not give us the good oil, so to speak.

Certainly more work needs to be done to ensure appropriate levels of consultation and environmental safety can be achieved but can we afford to make use of this natural and efficient form of energy?

Well done minister, please give us more.


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