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Bedroom lighting: Tips and tricks for restfulness

Of all the rooms in the house, your bedroom is the only one that is yours. Picture: Supplied

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Our bedroom is our wonderful sanctuary. It is the space where we relax, we sleep, we meditate, we read and heal from our day's struggles.

The importance of bedroom lighting cannot be underestimated, and we need to make sure that it is flawless.

How do we achieve that? Here are our top bedroom lighting tips and tricks.

1 Shadows can be beautiful

The bedroom is unique in that unlike every other room in the house, here you should be deliberately trying to create pools of shadows sitting beside pools of lights. The contrasts will enhance the calm and tranquillity.

2 Contrast is chic

Hang lights whose colour are the opposite of your bedroom colour scheme. If your bedroom colour is mostly white, then hang pendants with black shades. The effect will be striking.

3 Create a focal point

The idea is: What is the one light that can make my bedroom look beautiful? Hang a mini-chandelier or a designer pendant in the centre of the room for a bold look.

4 Soft lighting creates mellow moods

If you want to create a calm atmosphere then use spherical, subdued pendants with a string or rattan shade.

Peaceful haven: Round soft pendant lights made of rattan or string will create calm moods. Picture: Supplied

5 Light in layers

The best sort of lighting is done in layers - for example a pendant light enhanced by sconces and table lamps. This will create superb ambient illumination.

6 Floor lamps are so very in

A floor lamp in the corner of the bedroom is simply perfect to glamorise your bedroom and cast a warm glow.

7 Use vintage light globes

For a stunning look, a cosy feel and low-key lighting, definitely consider one or two naked vintage light globes. Simply beautiful!

8 Dimmers are a must

For heightened control over your bedroom's brightness, you absolutely must install dimmers. Make sure that any globes you use are also dimmable.

9 Wardrobe lights

There is no point having perfect bedroom lighting if your huge wardrobes are so dark you can't find a thing. Look at installing lights inside your wardrobes which are either switchable or come on automatically.

10 Table lamps with adjustable arms

Having table lamps either side of your bed is a must-have for reading. But to have lights point exactly where you need them, the lamps should ideally be at the end of adjustable arms.

11 Always use warm white

White light comes in three colours: warm, cool and daylight. In the bedroom always select warm white.

12 Use gimble downlights

Downlights that can be spun around to point exactly where you want are called gimbles. If you are installing downlights make sure they are gimbles, giving you a much greater control over your lighting.

13 Avoid oyster lights

Oyster lights are inexpensive but tend to look cheap and nasty and will give your bedroom a tacky hotel room look.

14 Frosted globes

Frosted globes are much better than clear ones because the light will be diffused.

15 Best of both worlds

You no longer have to choose between fresh air or great lighting. If ceiling space is limited, consider a ceiling fan with an LED light.

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This is branded content for Lighting Style.