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A perfect hot plan for you

A perfect hot plan for you

This is advertiser content for Pennytel.

After a long cold winter of uncertainty and some discontent, the Southern Hemisphere is heading towards the relief of summer and some good times ahead.

The weather is getting warmer, the days longer and the population is awakening from a long hibernation with many of us craving social company and adventure.

As we start to see Covid curves flatten in Australia we are optimistic that we may soon be able to socialise with family and friends again.

Traditionally summer is also the season of holidays, getaways and celebrations.

While the possibility of holidays and get-togethers now seem enticingly in reach, they may still not be possible for some time, at least not in the way and frequency we are used to.

As Australia's states and territories make plans to gradually come out of lockdowns, restrictions and border closures, no one at this stage knows what Christmas 2020 will look like or hold.

So hoping for the best but planning for any contingency, we continue to be reliant on technology to stay in touch with friends and loved ones both near and far, making now the time to ensure you have the right mobile plan to get you through.

Whether you are planning to settle in for a nice long chat with friends, navigate a Facetime video call with your grandkids, or host a virtual Christmas cocktail party with the bowls team, it's important to choose the right plan for you.

To find a mobile plan to suit your needs, you really need look no further than telco Pennytel who are currently offering 15 per cent off for three months promotion.

What an ideal time to consider what plan you are on, and whether it can be improved for your circumstances.

Current plans offered by Pennytel are already exceptional value, but with another 15 per cent off now is the time to take advantage.

If, like many of us, you have become addicted to the video call over the last six months and you love the convenience of surfing the web on your own phone, Pennytel offer larger plans of 15GB and 30GB at price points of $24.99 and $32.99 per month respectively.

Most Telco providers now provide unlimited standard calls and SMS.

And with Pennytel, if you're looking to only be making calls and a bit of data, then their starting plan of $10.99 per month with 1GB data would be a perfect fit. Of course, remember to factor in an extra 15 per cent off the prices no matter what your appetite for data.

In fact, these days switching plans and even providers is simpler than ever and you can enjoy the luxury of being able to keep your number.

So keep calm and call Pennytel. Simply choose a plan, place an order, wait for your SIM to arrive and activate it. No sweat, no matter how hot it gets this summer!

For more information call Pennytel on 1300 262 146 or go to Pennytel.com.au

  • This is advertiser content for Pennytel.