Back to school | Hair today, big tomorrow

As a parent you want your child to have the best start to the school year as possible, and we know its crucial they start their school year looking and feeling great, so a new hair cut is part of the deal.

Yes, schools are given the power to set and enforce dress and appearance standards under the Equal Opportunity Act (2010), and sometimes you might not always agree, but most middle of the road schools go with the hair off the ears, not over the eyes, off the collar, and not styled, dyed or cut in an extreme style.

While confidence comes from within, a great haircut can help a student put their best foot forward and feel great about themselves as they do so.

You know that old saying, if it looks like a duck, quacks like a duck, then it very likely is a duck?

Substitute duck for scruffy, unkept hair, and you get the idea. Underneath the woolly thatch is probably a woolly head, and thats not good for learning anything in a classroom.

For boys, theres not much variation on the short-back-and sides, something their dads and grandpas probably knew all about.

For girls, there are the 21st century fascinating haircut names to wrestle with. A ponytail or plait has given way to many fresh hair style names and ideas.

While you might love the classic bob as much as the next person, its sure to have a new name before the school term ticks over, but its an enduring, flattering style.

Then there are the super cool monikers stylists think up, like wispy bangs, curly bobs, tapered cuts, chandelier layers and asymmetrical undercuts. Pure inspiration.

If your family finds it hard to find the ready cash for things like haircuts, its worthwhile to plan ahead, get a quick holiday job, and put some cash aside for the big H. You will be very pleased you did so when school goes back. Yes, it only grows again, but that first impression of you on the first day of school is very important.

So words from the wise suggest you start at the top to make a great impression. But whatever you do, dont let anyone loose with scissors and a bowl to practise their best do-it-yourself basin style. Trust us, its all downhill from there.