Narromine man accused of domestic assault released on $1000 bail

Dubbo Court House.
Dubbo Court House.

A man facing new allegations of domestic violence has been granted a $1000 bail, with a court ordering he live under effective house arrest with his parents and abide by other strict conditions.

The 22-year-old Narromine man faced Dubbo Local Court the same day as he was arrested and charged with contravening an apprehended domestic violence order (ADVO) and common assault.

He entered pleas of not guilty to both charges.

The accused, barefoot, was led into the dock on Wednesday, when a release application was made on his behalf.

The prosecution opposed bail, submitting there was an unacceptable risk of endangering the safety of the victim, the man’s partner.

Narromine Local Court

Narromine Local Court

A week earlier the accused had been sentenced to a suspended jail term at Narromine Local Court for an assault of the same woman, the sergeant said.

The prosecution also raised failure to appear as a bail concern.

The man’s lawyer said the allegations by police showed the matter was a one-against-one matter, however there would be an additional defence witness who had contacted Narromine Police.

The solicitor said it was correct the client had been sentenced the previous week, and in the period since then, he had been trying to get his life back on track.

His mother was present in the court and willing to put up a $500 surety, the solicitor said.

The accused had mental health issues, and last time he had been remanded in custody he had had suicidal thoughts, the court heard.

He had also been assaulted in custody, the solicitor said.

The defence proposed the accused live with his parents and not contact or go near the complainant to address the bail concern.

When magistrate Paul Hayes asked if the man’s parents could deposit $1000 in cash, the man’s mother told the court she could.

Mr Hayes said the charges were very serious, and the fact the man was already on conditional liberty added to that.

The allegation before the court was “one of controlling behaviour” and put the matter above the mid-range, Mr Hayes said.

Basically you are in home custody.

Magistrate Paul Hayes

The man was granted bail on the conditions he not leave the home of his parents unless he was in the company of either his mother or his father, that an acceptable person deposit $1000, that he not consume alcohol or drugs, and that he comply with the ADVO.

The court also made an enforcement condition, and allowed for drug and alcohol testing to take place at least twice a day.

“Basically you are in home custody,” Mr Hayes said, noting the submission about an assault.

The matter was set down for hearing on November 8.