Dubbo's crime hot spots in 2018, 2013 highlighted in BOCSAR maps

Houses in Dubbo are being broken into more than three times as often as the rest of NSW.

The latest figures from the Bureau of Crime Statistics and Research show the rate of recorded criminal incidents per 100,000 people. It covers the 12 months to June 2018.

During the 12 months, the rate of break and enters to dwellings was 3.6 times higher than the NSW average. There were 644 incidents, which equates to more than 12 break and enters each week in the Dubbo Local Government Area.

Break and enters to non-dwellings were almost three times higher than the average at 199 incidents.

The maps below show the hot spot areas of the certain reported crimes.

Use the arrows to slide across and see the difference from 2013 to 2018.

Break and enter

In the Orana and Far West regions in the past year there has been a decrease in the number of reported break and enters.

The number of incidents went from 1693 to 1344 (down 25.9 per cent), but despite the fall there was the equivalent of more than three a day for a year.

Here’s how the break and enters in Dubbo compare to five years ago.

Break and enter non-dwelling

Under BOCSAR’s definitions dwellings include residential premises such as houses, home units or villas. Non-dwellings include premises where people do not usually reside such as retail buildings, wholesale premises and schools.

The Volunteer Rescue Association building had three break-ins in six months.

Break and enters to non-dwellings has had one of the biggest changes in five years when looking at the hot spot maps.

Domestic assault

According to Dubbo MP Troy Grant, when there’s an increase in domestic violence incidents it could mean two things.

“When we have a rise, were not sure if there's actually an increase in domestic violence occurring or an increase in the reporting. Either way its best that we know that these things are happening so that the support measures can be put in place for victims and perpetrators can be targeted and held to account,” he said. 

Malicious damage

The amount of malicious damage to property during the year was 2.7 times higher than the state.

While the main areas for malicious damage seem similar from 2013 to 2018, there has been a spread in the areas that have been targeted.

Motor vehicle theft

What have our incidents of motor vehicle theft been like in the past year?

There were 210 motor vehicle thefts in Dubbo in the 12 months, which is 2.4 times higher than average. There were also 668 incidents of steal from motor vehicle. Thefts from motor vehicles were 2.6 times higher than the rest of NSW.

Here’s how that compares to five years ago.

Theft from motor vehicle

Orana Mid-Western Police District Inspector Dan Skelly has repeatedly urged Dubbo residents to lock their cars.

“Park your car in a garage, drive-way, or well lit area of a night. Don't leave valuables in your unattended car,” he said.

“Thieves take any opportunity to steal so don't given them a chance - make it as hard as possible.”

Anyone with information on a crime should call Dubbo Police Station on 6883 1599 or Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000.