Westview Drive-in: It’s the sequel we have all been waiting for

They’re back! 

Early on Friday morning the exciting news was announced that the drive-in will once again be opened for three sessions during this years annual DREAM festival.

What great news for the Dubbo community and all those who have been crying out for a sequel to last year’s amazingly-successful ‘one-off’ event during Youth Week. 

The iconic Westview drive-in was re-opened last year as part of the Youth Week celebrations in a collaboration between the Dubbo Youth Council and Dubbo Regional Council, and the response received by the organisers at the time was phenomenal. 

Tickets were sold out for many of the movies screened, including Grease. 

The drive-in attracted thousands of people and hundreds of cars when it opened for the special Youth Week program and left patrons wanting more.

Now the DREAM festival have delivered and given us the sequel we have been waiting for. 

While we don’t yet know what the movies will be over the three nights, we are already keen to book in and make sure we secure our tickets. 

DREAM Committee chairperson has already told us that those lucky enough to get tickets this time around will be in for a real treat – with daylight hours meaning there will only be three sessions, you better get in quick to secure yours as soon as they are on sale. 

There will be 250 cars allowed into the venue for each film – so already tickets are expected to sell out very quickly. 

Our parents reminisce of evenings at the drive-in – it’s a special evening of entertainment many of them want to share with their children and grandchildren. 

Before last year’s event the Westview site had sat dormant for 32 years, and hours of work was put into sprucing up the place, with hours of work going into revamping the site and the giant screen receiving a fresh coat of paint. 

The movies last time focused on family-friendly icon genres and while they haven’t been released for the DREAM festival we have been told that there will be something for everyone, once again, this time around.

Our excitement will continue over the weekend as we look forward to hearing the list of films to be shown – we will just have to contain that a little bit until the release next week.