OUR SAY: Love them or not, it is time to get excited

How excited are we! 

If you haven’t heard already (or skipped past today’s front page and page three with your eyes closed) the Duke and Duchess of Sussex will be visiting our wonderful city next month. 

We’ve had a few questions already along the lines of ‘Why Dubbo?’ and really we ask, ‘Why not?’. 

We live in a wonderful city with so much to offer the visiting royals.

We have heard and seen many stories about the last time royalty visited our city – back in 1992 when the Queen and Prince Philip spent the day touring around Dubbo, and it’s great to see Prince Harry following in his grandmother’s footsteps and visiting regional Australia. 

We have so much to show them when they are here, and we are keen to see just what they will have planned for them along the way. 

Already we have a list of the Top 10 things they should do – of course the big attractions like the zoo and the Old Dubbo Gaol are on there, but so are the other wonderful things our city offers – a trip down the main street, a cycle along the river and a stop in one of the many of the great eateries around town. 

It was nice to see when the news was announced the amount of people already booking beds at friend’s houses or planning day trips to town. 

This visit, while Dubbo will be the location, must be recognised as something for the wider region to enjoy. A moment in time that will bring many stories to tell for years to come. 

We’ve heard buses are already being planned to bring people from other towns (such as Bathurst who thought they were in for a pretty sure-thing with a Royal visit earlier in the month), and hotels are already being booked out for the Tuesday and Wednesday nights. 

Thousands of people are expected to come to Dubbo from the wider region, and the Dubbo city will be shining on the day as we host the Royal couple. 

It’s going to be a huge boost for our economy that has been in a slump since the before the drought was officially declared. 

Royalist or republican, young or old, we should all appreciate and embrace this moment in history and make the most of the opportunities this royal visit will create. 

We are looking forward to seeing what’s on the agenda for the couple – but until then, we are happy to help with a few ideas.