Dubbo police arrested a man who allegedly had hidden a machete in his his pants

A man was searched by police on Friday about 11.40pm and police allege he had hidden a machete down the front of his pants.

Orana Mid-Western Police District were conducting proactive patrols in North Street Dubbo and a male was sighted near a parked vehicle. 

Police alleged the vehicle left the scene and left the male behind as police approached. 

Orana Mid-Western Police District Sergeant Adam Wood said, “police had cause to stop and speak to the accused.” 

“Investigations led police to search the accused [allegedly] locating a machete was hidden down the front of the accused’s pants,” he said.

The man was placed under arrest and taken to Dubbo Police station. He was charged with custody of a knife in a public place and custody of an offensive implement in a public place.