Prince Harry and Meghan Markle visit Dubbo: 10 things the Duke and Duchess of Sussex should do

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex are coming to Dubbo on October 17. For how long? We’re not sure. Why? Why not? One thing we are sure of, is that they’re going to have a great time!

To ensure a great trip to the gateway of the outback, here’s some of the things we reckon they should do. 

1. Kayak up the Macquarie River. Every Dubboite is proud of the Macquarie River, it glistens all year around and is a source of relief in the warmer months. If we want the royals to see the best of the city, we would suggest doing so on the water. 



2. Is it really a trip to Dubbo without a photo of a rhino? Real or plastic. There are fibreglass rhinos around the city so if they’re flying in they can start their day off with a bang by having a photo with the rhino outside the airport. Fancy some shopping, get a photo in front of Centro with the rhino there, or if they’re visiting the zoo why not have both? Get a photo with the fibreglass rhino out the front of the centre and a photo with a real one inside! 

3. We know Prince Harry has grown up with Butlers his whole life, BUT Dubbo can introduce a new kind of Butler, why not a trip to Butler’s Falls? The Royal pair can enjoy a picnic, swimming, fishing and canoeing. 

4. While they’re out there Prince Harry and Meghan can perhaps pull up at Dubbo’s premier wedding venue Lazy River and enjoy a nice glass of champagne (provided those baby rumours are just that...rumours). 

5. The pair can also visit what is believed to be Australia’s oldest sophisticated slab house Dundullimal Homestead. They can enjoy the Homesteads’ tea room in the old machinery shed, a walk around the spacious grounds for picnics and maybe even pick up some knick knacks for niece and nephews Charlotte, George and Louis at the gift shop. 

Photo: FILE.

Photo: FILE.

6. Surely after all these activities the Royals would be getting hungry. Dubbo offers some of the best pub meals in the west! They would be able to find a Parmie or a delicious steak and pepper sauce in just about every suburb! 

7. Of course the Prince and princess can’t ignore Dubbo’s best tourist attraction the Taronga Western Plains Zoo, are they staying the night? They could do the roar and snore? Or just a couple of hours? The zookeepers would probably let them feed some of the animals! 

The baby elephant might be out on show for the Royals next month. Photo: FILE.

The baby elephant might be out on show for the Royals next month. Photo: FILE.

8. If the Royals are keen to get out and about on the farm they could milk a cow at The Little Big Dairy Company. We would also recommend getting their hands on some classic CWA scones so they can try that award winning cream. 

9. If they’re looking for souvenirs we’d recommend the Two Sheep from Two Feet at Westhaven. We heard it can get cold over there, that way the royals can remember Dubbo for ever!

10. What do you think? Where should the Royals go? Tell us by filling out the form below.

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