Dubbo man pleads guilty to assault of man in car park

Dubbo Courthouse.
Dubbo Courthouse.

A young man who has admitted to an assault in the car park of a Dubbo shopping centre awaits sentence.

Jayden Lester, 20, pleaded guilty to the assault occasioning actual bodily harm of another male.

It left the victim with a bruise to his forehead, a bleeding nose and bleeding from the mouth, court documents show.

On Wednesday Lester appeared in Dubbo Local Court.

The prosecution played closed-circuit television footage of the assault was played.

Mr Lester was “strongly supported” in court by a number of family members, the solicitor said.

The accused and the victim were known to each other, the agreed facts show.

On May 30, the accused accompanied by a female exited the western end of Orana Mall and encountered the victim.

Lester approached the victim and asked what his problem was.

There followed an exchange, and the accused said the victim could “call him out on Facebook” but wouldn’t “back it up in person”.

“You’re only big when there’s cameras,” the accused said, the agreed facts show.

The victim said several times for the accused to hit him.

Lester walked away from the victim a number of times but each time the victim yelled out: “That’s right, keep walking away, you won’t do anything”.

The accused returned and they exchanged further words before the victim pulled out his phone.

The victim began to swear at the female, and the accused confronted him and told him not to speak to her like that.

Lester then grabbed the victim by his jacket and began striking him with a closed fist.

The pair moved throughout the western entrance of the car park, with the accused directing a number of blows at the victim, some of which connected and some of which missed.

The victim fell to the ground after losing his balance and the accused walked away.

After his arrest Lester made admissions to police.

Magistrate Paul Hayes ordered a pre-sentence report and adjourned the matter to October 17.

Lester’s bail was continued.

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