Our say: Small steps can have huge impact on crime

It would come as no surprise to residents in the Dubbo local government area that our crime statistics are higher than average.

The latest figures from the Bureau of Crime Statistics and Research show in Dubbo, homes are being broken into at more than 3.5 times the average, compared to the rest of NSW. 

Break and enters to non-dwellings are also high. They were almost three times higher than the average at 199 incidents.

The statistics are a concern. But, rather than do nothing, the community should take action.

Not all crimes are preventable. However there are some small steps people can take to have a big impact on their own safety.

Proactive steps can definitely be taken to reduce break-ins and thefts from cars.

The anti-crime measures are simple.

First and foremost, don’t leave windows and doors open or unlocked. Don’t provide an opportunity for thieves to gain easy access to your home.

Especially at night, make sure the doors are locked. There are been recorded incidents of people breaking in to homes while the residents were sleeping. Something as simple as double-checking doors are locked could make a difference.

The same goes for cars. Lock the doors. Whether you’ve parked in a car park to go shopping or the car is simply sitting in the driveway, take the extra moment to checked you’ve locked in correctly.

Any valuables should be removed, hidden from view or secured in the car boot.

In Orana and the Far West, incidents in 12 of the 17 reporting crime categories have fallen in the past year, two have increased and two have remained stable.

Looking at the region as a whole the biggest reduction was in the number of cases steal from retail store which dropped from 646 to 484, a reduction of 33.4 per cent.

We want to see the number reduced even further.

It’s also important that people with information about crimes take it to the police or Crime Stoppers.

The names and faces of Dubbo’s most wanted are often released by police. The Orana Mid-Western Police District releases photos of individuals who can help them with recent crimes too.

Making a call could make a huge difference.

Take action. Help make Dubbo a safer place.